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This artwork is a drawing by charcoal.

I hear the voice that attract me.  It is a “yobigoe”.


~ This artwork date ~

Title :  yobigoe (appel de la voix) ~M10drawing2678005~

Artist : O.Souske

Year : 2678 (A.D.2018)

Dimensions : 53 × 33 × 0.1cm

Medium: Washi (Japanese paper), Charcoal

price : 108,000 JPY ( about 800 € )


This is drawn on a thin Japanese paper.

I will send it as a roll. After you receive it, it is a good idea to request a frame in to the art frame store.

~ Caution ~

1) There is no frame and other attachments.

2) The color feeling of the image and the actual thing may change somewhat more than your personal computer surrounding environment etc, but please be forewarned.

3) Please send me a message of stock confirmation before you buy.


~ About shipping ~

0) Shipping included.

1) In many cases I will use post office EMS to send. It has a tracking number and you can check it on the post office website.

Additional fee is required if you want other shipping company.

2) Artwork price includes shipping, but there is a case where tariffs in the customs of your country will be charged. Please pay that tariff. Probably I think it is cheaper than shipping costs

yobigoe ~M10drawing2678005~

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