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**Before you buy, please ask me whether I can ship to your country.


This work is a Japanese painting. I draw beauty of Japanese culture and beauty of women.

This is an SSM size (22.7 cm) easy-collecting work so that you can easily collect it, shrunk the popular Japanese painting of S20 size (72.8 cm square).

So, this is a high density work, than original SSM size works. It took me about a month to produce.

Even if it is small, it is nice.


~ works information ~

Artwork Title : AGEHA [SSM002] 

Artist Name : O.Souske

Year : Japanese Era 2677 (Christian Era 2017)

Dimensions : 22.7 × 22.7 cm

Medium : Washi, Sumi, Silver Leaf, Japanese Metallic Powder, Japanese Traditional Pigments

Accessory : Simple Frame

Frame outside dimension: 25.7 × 25.7 cm

Total weight: 0.65kg







画題 :  アゲハ [SSM002]

作家 : 小野池草介 O.Souske

制作年: 皇紀二六七七年 (キリスト教歴 2017年)

寸法 : 七寸五分 × 七寸五分 (SSM号・22.7 × 22.7cm)


材料 : 和紙 , 箔 , 泥 , 岩絵具他




Japanese painting [AGEHA SSM002] 肉筆日本画 「アゲハ SSM002」

  • 1) Glass / acrylic glass on frame is not included. For long-term preservation, please change to a frame with glass.

    2) The color feeling of the image and the actual thing may change somewhat more than your personal computer surrounding environment etc, but please be forewarned.

    3) Before you buy, please ask me whether I can ship to your country.

    4) If you are required to pay tariffs in your country, you pay that tax.

    5) I also sell it in real shops. First, please give me an inventory check email.

  • 1)額にガラス/アクリルガラスは付属しておりません。 長期保存のためには、ガラスのついた額への換装をお勧めします。

    2)お使いのパソコン周辺環境・光源の種類などより、画像と現物の色感が多少変わって見えることがございますが、予めご了承ください。 「現物優先」とさせていただきます。

    3)他のサイトでも取り扱っておりますので、購入手続き前に ご一報いただけると助かります。

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